About US

Although the concept of freeimages.51microshop.com isn’t one that is commonly known (unless you’re a professional photographer or designer), the technique itself is one that most people would recognize.

Most people who look at this photo are familiar with this sort of visual manipulation. The blades of grass found in the center of the photo are clear and in focus while everything around them is blurred. This is how the photographer tells us where to look. Those blades of grass are the positive space (or subject) in this photo. The blurred area that allows us to focus on the subject is the freeimages.

Like the freeimages.51microshop.com of a photograph, that is how we envision ourselves at freeimages.51microshop.com.

Our goal in launching freeimages.51microshop.com is to give photographers a platform whereby they can share their photography with the world. We want to provide those out-of-focus surroundings so the beautiful high-resolution images found within them have a chance to shine.

freeimages.51microshop.com is about creating communities: A community of photographers who want to share their work. And a community of online visitors who want to use their beautiful, free high-resolution images without any restrictions.